Cheryl Cole Reunion With Ashley Cole Confirmed?

By Sinitta....

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Cheryl Cole Reunion With Ashley Cole Confirmed?
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If we were Cheryl Cole, we'd check that our phone lines weren't tapped and make sure that there aren't any hidden cameras anywhere, because Sinitta, somehow seems to know everything that's happening in the star's life!

Including the fact that she has got back together with her cheating ex husband, Ashley Cole!

We never knew Cheryl and Sinitta were BFF's, that the star would tell all her secrets to Simon Cowell's ex! But it appears that she has!

Taking to Twitter to confirm that Cheryl and "the devil" (her words, not ours) Ashley are an item, she said: "They obviously love each other so much and to have gone through what they have gone through and to be back together just shows that true love conquers all.

"They both know who each other are and both know what they’re getting into. You have to be with the person you love, like that Kylie song Better The Devil You Know.”

Why oh why did Sinitta have to go and do that! We were still hoping that Cheryl would see sense!

Cheryl's a blonde bombshell!...

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