Hanson Think Kings Of Leon Are Acting 'Like P***ks'

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Hanson Think Kings Of Leon Are Acting 'Like P***ks'
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Back in the 90's they were three longhaired brothers in a jolly pop-band (MMMBop is still one of our favourite songs of all time) who wouldn’t say boo to a goose, but it seems that growing up has changed Hanson and they’re now ready to speak out about the behavior of other bands…

In an interview with WENN, oldest brother Isaac Hanson talked about his annoyance over musicians not realising how lucky they are, saying: “I have a hard time with musicians who act like p***ks because it just makes me mad. If you're actually making a living doing it, pinch yourself every day, because it goes if you don't love it and people will eventually get p*ssed off.”

Getting more specific, he decided to talk about Kings Of Leon, who have recently had to cancel the rest of their US tour, stating that Caleb Followill was suffering from exhaustion - which was brought to light after the lead singer stormed off stage at a gig in Dallas.

Issac said: “I'm going to call somebody out on it - the Kings of Leon are running some risks. They're irritating people and you can't do that too much. Eventually the bad boy image affects fans' willingness to show up. Their fans will get bummed out. Everybody has their demons, everyone has their challenges. I'm a bit of a hothead in certain circumstances, but you've got to temper it because your fans are there and they've paid good money to see a show, and you gotta bring it."

He likened the situation to that of Oasis, who split in 2009, saying: "It made it hard for people to have a lot of fun at their shows - because they were worried that Noel was going to get p*ssed off and walk off."

What do you make of the whole situation? Are you backing Isaac's comments? Or are you a KOL fan who will support them no matter what?

 Let's go back to the 90's...


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