Will Smith Caught Wife Jada With Jennifer Lopez's Husband?!

More claims have been made about the couple...

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Will Smith Caught Wife Jada With Jennifer Lopez's Husband?!
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Earlier this week the news broke that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were separating after 13-years of marriage. However, the couple have hit back at the claims, insisting that their marriage is 'intact'.

But InTouch Weekly, the mag where the story originated, aren't letting up and have published a cover story, claiming that Will caught Jada with Jennifer Lopez's estranged husband, Marc Anthony!

The headline reads: "Two marriages destroyed: Jada steals J.Lo's husband!" and inside, a six page article on the alleged split.

According to the Daily Mail, the mag claims that will came home one night and found Jada with Marc, running out of the room in tears, with an insider revealing: “Will didn't indicated exactly what he saw.”

The report continues, claiming that Will then fired members of their household staff, accusing them of helping cover up what ahd been going on.

It is alleged that Jada and Marc had sexual tension whilst working together on her TV show, Hawthorne.

Another insider alleged: “On set, everyone noticed the insane chemistry between them.”

A representative for Marc has also strongly denied the claims made by the magazine and Jada and Will were spotted out for a romantic brunch date in Miami just yesterday.

It is though that the couple have got their legal teams involved and are deciding on what possible action to take against the magazine.

What do you make of all this. Is there really no smoke without fire?

Will and Jada's marriage in pictures...

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