Mel B Opens Up At Failed Relationships With Kids' Fathers

It's different this time around...

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Mel B Opens Up At Failed Relationships With Kids' Fathers
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Mel B gave birth to baby Madison just three weeks ago, but now the singer has opened up about the joy of being able to share this experience with her husband Stephan Belafonte.

The former Spice Girl has had two daughters from previous failed relationships Pheonix with her first husband Jimmy Gulzar and Angel with Eddie Murphy, but now the 36-year-old has revealed her happiness at being able to share her pregnancy with a "loving partner".

In her interview with Hello! magazine, Mel B, admitted that she'd already like more children with Belafonte.

"Ideally you want to have your loving partner who you've created this baby with by your side throughout everything, and in Angel and Phoenix's cases, that wasn't the set up," she explained. "I had a rocky marriage with Phoenix's dad. The relationship with Angel's dad, Eddie, was over halfway through the pregnancy, and I had to suck it up and get on with it.

Mel B, whose new job is in Australia as a new X Factor judge, said: "This time I've done it with my partner - someone to come to every prenatal appointment with me, to get excited by every scan - and it feels like I've finally done it right.

"When I was moaning to Stephen about my trapped nerve I was thinking, 'I've never had anyone to complain to about these kinds of things'."

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Mel B and baby Madison