Simon Cowell's Ex Girlfriend Sinitta Lied About Her Age

The palm leaf wearing star has been found out...

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Simon Cowell's Ex Girlfriend Sinitta Lied About Her Age
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She may have told the people at her birthday party last night that she was 43, but we all know now that the 80's popstar was telling a porkie because the star is in fact 48.

Having claimed over the years that she was born in 1968, the Mirror have managed to reveal that the star was in fact born five years earlier in 1963, meaning that she was 18-years-old when she started dating Simon Cowell, not 14 - the age she has claimed in the past.

A source revealed: "Sinitta maintains she was born in 1968, but it was in fact 1963. This mysterious change came about a couple of decades ago.”

While many would be shocked, it appears as though Sintta's friends aren't as they already know about her little secret, especially Simon...who failed to do the math before going along with it...

"Of course Simon has always known Sinitta’s real age and was happy to go along with it... until he realised it effectively meant he dated a 14 year-old child when he was 25. He was mortified, so he’ll be thrilled the truth is finally out – especially as Sinitta looks great whatever her age.”

Are you surprised?

Who is Sinitta trying to keep up with...


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