Mariah Yeater Is 'Very Scared' Over Justin Bieber Paternity Case

But she says there is evidence...

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Mariah Yeater Is 'Very Scared' Over Justin Bieber Paternity Case
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The woman who is claiming that Justin Bieber is the father of her three-month-old son is "very scared" for her safety after filing the lawsuit against the star.

Mariah Yeater, 20, filed the documents against the 'Baby' singer last week and claims that she got pregnant following a 30-second sexual encounter with Bieber following a concert at the Staples Centre in October last year.

Now, she is looking for support for three-month-old Tristyn, and has said that she's given her legal team "evidence" to show that her allegations are true.

Yeater has previously said: "I have provided evidence to my attorneys and it'll show in court [and] prove that my allegations are true."

Now the Californian has confessed that she was "very hestitant" to go public.

In an interview with The Insider, she said: "I'm scared. I was very hesitant [to file the suit]. This is a very serious matter [and] it had to be brought to his attention - to everyone's [attention]."

It has recently been revealed that Yeater had filed a report against her ex-boyfriend John Terranova and she was quite shocked when asked about it, as she responded: "No comment."

Yeater concedes that there will be stories about her but she said that that shouldn't distract people from hearing the truth.

"I have nothing to hide… Everyone has a past and has made mistakes. There's nothing wrong with that," she said.

Justin Bieber recently stated that he will take the paternity test so that he can clear the allegations made against his name.

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