Ashton Kutcher Forgets Demi Moore With A New Cow

On to pastures moo...

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How dairy he?! Ashton Kutcher is having fun with a new cow after reports emerged that soon-to-be-ex-wife Demi Moore has already forgotten him.

But to avoid any misunderstanding, we should probably clarify that we're not being nasty about a new girlfriend - Ashton really has been hanging out with a literal cow.

The Two And A Half Men star tweeted a photo of himself in the company of the farmyard fave with the caption 'Country Giving' last night, suggesting he's escaped city life for a while.

He also posted: "More valuable than being interesting is being interested. -overheard"

Has the actor indulged in a bit of epic soul-searching, perhaps? We can't say we blame him, if reports that he cheated on his 'Ghost' star missus on their anniversary are to be believed.

Let's hope his meeting with this cow ended with less beef...

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