X Factor USA's Astro Gets Support From US Rapper Timbaland

Offers words of advice...

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X Factor USA's Astro Gets Support From US Rapper Timbaland
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X Factor USA's latest reject Astro has been offered support from one America's biggest rappers and producers.

In a series of tweets, Timbaland reached out to Astro following his elimination last week, which saw him leave the show with Drew Ryniewicz, telling the teen:

"Never be afraid to make a mistake. Don't look at a mistake like a mistake look at it as growth. U still young (sic).

"People have to allow u to make those mistakes. Never feel like u got to put on 4 nobody. Don't get me wrong, I ain't comin 2 u like no expert but like a big bro whose gone thru & still goin through the same struggles u r & yea i get it i know u got 2 play 2 political game when ur in the public eye smiling when sometimes u dont want to cause u got some much goin through ur head (sic)."

"I still struggle wit dat sometimes cause i sometimes wear my emotions on my sleeve and i know what u goin thru cause u probably feel like me all i want is produce & make dope music i hate the business side (sic).

He also added: "So all u got to do lil homey is put a smile on ur face n public appreciate ur fans 4 support & thank god 4 the opportunity. If anybody ask for anything else to were u feel like u aint doin u then dont do it cause once its fake ur fans see it and u can lose urself in this game dat way (sic)."

The producer who has worked with Nicole Scherzinger and Keri Hilson, then told Astro that he could contact him or Missy Elliot if he ever needed advice.

Responding to Timbaland's advice, 15-year-old Astro tweeted on his own page: "Trust me, i get it. I like when the big homies send me advice!

"Thanks man, I appreciate the words. I might have to take you up on that offer one day!"

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