Tiny Alexa Chung Sparks Health Fears Over Weight Loss

Star looked stressed and tired...

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As a model Alexa Chung has always been on the tiny side, but since her split from long-term boyfriend Alex Turner the star seems to have shed a scary amount of weight.

The 28-year-old was pictured outside Nick Grimshaw's flat in Primrose Hill last week, looking really thin putting the 'skinny' in her skinny jeans.

In the past, the model and TV presenter admitted that she loses weight when she is a bit stressed, she told The Independent in 2008: "My weight is dwindling as I don’t have time to go to the supermarket.

"I speak to my mum most days and she always asks what I’ve had to eat. She gets very upset when I say: 'Uh, I forgot'."

She also added: "I’m thinner now than I’ve ever been because I’m working so hard." Alexa has suffered a number of setbacks recently, with her break up with the Artic Monkeys' star and also the cancellation of her US MTV Show, which left her incredibly stressed.

After news broke about the show, Alexa reportedly said: "I'm naturally thin - I get thinner when I'm stressed.

"And you can't imagine how stressed I was."

Just last month for the second time in a row, Alexa picked up the 'British Style Award' at the 2011 British Fashion Awards, which was voted for by the public.

Do you think Alexa is getting too thin?

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