Cheryl Cole On Fashion: 'I'm Not As Brave As Lady Gaga'

Lady G took it to the extreme...

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Cheryl Cole On Fashion: 'I'm Not As Brave As Lady Gaga'
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Cheryl Cole loves Lady Gaga's fashion sense as she thinks it's "fascinating" but she doesn't reckon she could be as "brave" as the eccentric pop star.

In an interview on ITV's Lorraine, Cheryl talked about her fashion sense and hit back at her critics insisting that most of the outfits she chooses she stands by.

Discussing the 'Marry The Night' singer's style, Cheryl said: "I think Lady Gaga has took it to the extreme and nobody had dared to go there before. I think she’s fascinating. I mean, I’m not as brave or as bold as to do some of the things she does myself, but I admire her a lot."

But the Geordie star admits that there is a massive difference in style between the north and south of the UK.

When asked if there was a difference style in London compared to her hometown of Newcastle, the 28-year-old said: "Definitely, 100 per cent, but again I love it."

She continued: "And in Liverpool too, I mean Newcastle, yeah absolutely, in Liverpool, those girls go all in. They don’t mess around up there – we are talking full on glamour."

Talking about her own style, that has been criticised especially in her early days as a pop star, she said: "I don’t care, I like what I wore, else I wouldn’t have worn it."

It looks as if Cheryl will be chilling out with her family over the Christmas period, as she when asked what three things she had to have for the festive season, and she said: "Just family, dinner, and dogs."

Cheryl has previously admitted that she still remembers the fashion designers that refused to lend clothes to Girls Aloud.

The Belfast Telegraph quotes the star as saying: "To start, it was all on a budget. Some designers wouldn't lend to us, even when we were successful, which was really snobby. I remember who they are."

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