Sarah Harding's Ex Boyfriend Claims They Were Too 'In love' To Fight Addictions

Theo de Vries speaks out

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Sarah Harding's Ex Boyfriend Claims They Were Too 'In love' To Fight Addictions
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Sarah Harding's ex boyfriend, Theo de Vries has spoken out about his tumultuous relationship with the Girls Aloud singer, claiming that they were "too in love" with each other to fight their addictions.

The couple, who met in rehab, hit the headlines when details of their violent fight, became public. Having already given her side of the story where she claimed that Theo grabbed her by her throat and attacked her, Theo has now spoken out and claimed that their alcoholism turned their relationship into a "horror movie."

He told the Mirror: "I've never loved anyone more than Sarah and it breaks my heart that alcohol ended up ­ruining everything for us. What started off as a love story when we were sober turned into the worst horror movie ever when we were drinking.

"Because of alcohol we went from being the best of friends to the ­worst of enemies...They said two addicts together can really help each other get over their ­addiction but they can really ­destroy each other."

Despite being advised to not get romantically involved with Sarah, Theo admitted that he couldn't fight his attraction to the singer.

He added: "It took me a week to fall in love with her. Amazingly she felt the same. At the time I didn't listen. I wish I had now though. We were banned from speaking to each at one point so we wrote each other page after page of love notes. We were like teenagers and our drink problems were being forgotten."

Claiming that both he and Sarah started drinking alcohol again over Christmas, Theo said: "That first sip of wine was the moment things changed."

Sarah leaves a London clinic

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