Steven Spielberg Compares 'War Horse' Jeremy Irvine To Christian Bale

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Steven Spielberg Compares 'War Horse' Jeremy Irvine To Christian Bale

Steven Spielberg has discussed the breakthrough star of his latest movie 'War Horse', 21-year-old Cambridgeshire native Jeremy Irvine.

Speaking at a press conference today, the Hollywood director explained that the unknown actor stood out from hundreds of auditionees who tried out for the part of Albert.

"I looked hundreds of actors and newcomers for Albert - mainly newcomers - and nobody had the heart, the spirit or the communication skills that Jeremy had. Even silence, even without speaking, even in his video tape tests... He tested five times, and he just got better and better."

He continued: "I am used to working with actors who have no experience. Just look back at the kids from 'E.T.' like Drew Barrymore, and Christian Bale in 'Empire Of The Sun', who'd never made a movie before. That career could be in store for Jeremy.

"Often what happens is we get a newcomer and they freeze up, or they imitate actors that they admire and they stop becoming themselves. My job as a director is to steer them to what I first saw in them, which is simply an uncensored human being."

'War Horse' opens in cinemas across the UK this Friday, January 13. Read the Entertainmentwise review here.

'War Horse' premieres in London

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