Paris Hilton Gets Attacked On Twitter

By Footballer Joey Barton...

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Paris Hilton Gets Attacked On Twitter
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Joey Barton seems to like verbally attacking people on Twitter and causing a bit of a stir. This time, the Queens Park Rangers football player, has decided to pick on Paris Hilton saying she is “the embodiment of everything I don't stand for.”

Paris’ current Twitter picture is her full-page FHM front cover, which also appears to have a tiny picture of Joey at the side. On seeing this he decided to go to his Twitter page and vent his frustrations.

He said: “Just found out I am on @parishilton profile pic. I feel violated. She is the embodiment of everything I don't stand for. Bad day in my life!

“Never met her personally, so this is opinion based but have seen enough of her to think she's not orbiting the same planet as most of us!

“If I was heiress to a global hotel fortune, I wouldn't be s**king off some kn*b head on camera for a raise in profile. Maybe that's just me? I mean, who goes on tv looking for a best friend? Only a f**king dullard that's who. Strange world we live in people......

“It baffles me that people can become idolised without having a semblance of talent or any moral fortitude.”

He then addresses a tweet to deputy editor of FHM Dan Jude, saying: “I am aware that in the name of profits, we sometimes have to swim with the turds but surely its not gotten that bad just yet?

“Actually I take that back, that was offensive. I mean I am sure a turd, would teach us far more and at least stand for something.”


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