Ricky Gervais Cleared Over Susan Boyle Slur

Ofcom has okayed 'mong' comments...

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Ricky Gervais Cleared Over Susan Boyle Slur
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Ricky Gervais, despite playing it cool in his Golden Globes introduction this year, has still managed to rile up the public...

The televised screening of his sell-out show 'Science' on Channel 4 last October caused a huge number of public complaints because he referred to Susan Boyle as a "mong".

"I don't think she'd be where she was today if it wasn't for the fact that she looked like such a f****** mong."

Poor Ricky. He's famed for his provocative humour and yet, almost every single time, people are surprised by his jokes and take offence.

The comedian was even quick to underline the fact that, when using the term "mong", he was using the modern definition rather than the original Down's Syndrome slur:

"I don't mean she has Down's Syndrome, by the way. No, no! That would be offensive. That word doesn't mean that any more"

Luckily for Gervais, Ofcom have backed his claims about the evolution of the word. The nature and focus of the routine "provided a clear editorial context for his use of the term". He has, therefore, not breached any broadcasting rules.

Thank goodness for that! After upsetting the Bieber fans of the world, we think Ricky deserves a break this time round...

Do you think Ricky should apologise to Susan anyway?
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