Ed Sheeran Lost Three Stone To Pose Nude For Elton John

Well, in his calendar...

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Ed Sheeran Lost Three Stone To Pose Nude For Elton John
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When Sir Elton John asked Ed Sheeran to pose nude for a charity calendar, the singer's first thought was to lose weight - and he's done it!

The 'A Team' singer has revealed that he lost an incredible three stone since Elton first asked him to get his kit off because he ditched the booze and started hitting the gym.

Ed, who used to pig out on kebabs and pints of beer, was a little insecure about stripping off - but no longer!

"I'm not a very confident guy when it comes to taking my clothes off. I was 14 stone and I'm now 11. It's going to be the first time that I feel comfortable on screen," he told The Sun.

"I stopped drinking and got a personal trainer. I was a bit flabby to be fair. I moved out when I was 16 to a place above a pub with a kebab shop where I ate and drank and just got a bit chubby. The photos are all going to be part of a catalogue that is going to be sold to raise money. A lot of people are doing it."

He also added: "So ladies, lock up your daughters."

Don't worry, Ed won't be showing off in all his glory - he'll have a little bowler hat to look after his package - all to raise funds for Elton's Aids Foundation.

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