Ashley Greene: 'Olivia Wilde Is A Good Kisser'

Admits their steamy lesbian scenes in 'Butter' were incredible

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Ashley Greene: 'Olivia Wilde Is A Good Kisser'
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Ashley Greene has locked lips with some of Hollywood’s hottest male stars but the gorgeous 'Twilight' actress has admitted that out of all of them it is her ‘Butter’ co-star Olivia Wilde who was the best kisser.

The 24 year-old, who has shared on-screen kisses with both Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone has a steamy girl-on-girl scenes with new indie flick ‘Butter’ and claims there is no-one hotter than Olivia.

According to E! News when asked who was the best lip-locker in Hollywood, the stunning brunette said: “I'm going to go with Olivia.”

"Sorry guys. Ours was much more intense than either of the boys, so they need to step up their game."

When asked if she enjoyed shooting the lesbian scene she said: "She is a good kisser."

"And I would know this because we had to do several takes."

Olivia Wilde has recently been spotted looking loved up with Saturday Night Live star Jason Sudeikis but if they ever break up Ashley is sure she will have no end of admirers.

Ashley gushed: "Gay men, straight men, straight girls and lesbians all want to kiss Olivia Wilde I think."

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