Russell Brand Sets His Sights On Zooey Deschanel

Er, is that because she's the SPITTING IMAGE of Katy Perry?

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Russell Brand Sets His Sights On Zooey Deschanel
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Russell Brand has been sending flirtatious texts to "adorkable" American actress, Zooey Deschanel.

So you have a type then, do you Russell? Because it hasn't escaped anybody's attention that Zooey and Katy Perry, your estranged wife, could be twins!

And, if we're honest, two months seems a bit of a quick turnaround, considering you and Katy officially called things a day in December. Ever heard of the word "rebound"?

A source told America's OK! magazine:

"Russell has had his eye on Zooey for a long time. And he's been sending funny, flirty texts to see if they can get together... He thinks she's hysterically funny and cute, too. He loves her quirky sense of humor, and thinks they'd be great together both on-and off-screen. There's a real spark there."

He's based this all on the fact she rocketed to the top of the eligible singletons stakes after being voted most attractive women, didn't he?

Luckily, 'New Girl' actress Zooey Deschanel is no fool and is well-aware of Russell's womanising ways. The source claimed that the pretty actress, whose looks are so striking to Katy P's, wasn't ready for a new relationship herself:

"She's heard about his reputation as a womaniser, and isn't sure whether she's ready to rush into another relationship so quickly."

Exactly Russell. It's too soon. Follow gorgeous Zooey's lead and get your head straight before you start chasing tail again. Yiesh!

At least Zooey and Russell have one thing in common; their divorces...

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