Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry Praise Madonna Super Bowl Half Time Show

But Piers Morgan is cringing...

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Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry Praise Madonna Super Bowl Half Time Show
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Madonna's Super Bowl half-time performance has received mixed feedback from the celebrity world, with Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole praising the show but Piers Morgan slamming the 54 year old's efforts.

Taking to the stage alongside Madonna was Nicki Minaj who, fresh from the stage, Tweeted her fans to say: "God bless Madonna, & God bless the barbzzz!!!!! *kisses all 9 million of u* ;)"

Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole liked what she saw; "WOW.. Madonna's production on the Superbowl !!! Mind blowing !! #yesmadge" as did her close friend who said that Madonna is a legend.

"#whatdoyouthinkofthehalftimeperformance I thought madonna rocked...that stage was amazing...I'm proud of my guys lmfao...#madonnaisalegend," he tweeted.

Katy Perry, who spent the weekend flirting with American Footballers, also came out in support of The Material Girl, saying: "SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE @thesupervowl #neverthoughtidsaythat ,"

However, it was no all praise for Madonna with Piers Morgan sending a series of Tweets criticisning the half-time show. "Somebody. Stop. Her. My toes are actually curling," he started.

Adding: "If someone did this on America's Got Talent, they'd be laughed (and buzzed) off stage. Truly diabolical."

Professor Green echoed Morgan's thoughts, Tweeting: "Somebody please just ask madonna to put some clothes on? she can sing when she's 80, it's not her voice i find offensive."

What did you think of Madonna's Super Bowl performance? Check out the pictures below and let us know.


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