Trouble In Paradise For Prince William and Kate?

Honeymoon is over for Royal couple...

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Trouble In Paradise For Prince William and Kate?
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The honeymoon phase is over for Prince William and Kate Middleton with claims the two have been frequently arguing.

The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge, whose fairy-tale wedding captured the world last year, are said to be having problems in their marriage as the two spend too much time apart.

“Prince William and Kate have been bickering a lot lately,” a close friend of the pair told OK magazine. “And it’s all down to the fact that Kate can’t stand Wills being away from her.”

The troubles boiled over when the Duchess went on a family vacation in the Caribbean and Prince William was only able to join her for a few days as he had Royal duties at home in Britain, the source said.

“Kate normally loves that trip, but this time her heart was heavy. She’s so in love with Wills she can’t stand being away from him at all.”

“She thought that if he really wanted to spend time with her, he could easily have arranged to take off a couple of weeks from his Royal Air Force search and rescue duties.

“But Wills said he couldn’t be seen abusing his position as a future king and taking extra time off. It wouldn’t look good in front of the other chopper pilots. It made Kate quite teary-eyed.”

The Duchess has told friends she was worried her dependency on her husband was driving them apart, the friend added.

Honeymoon is over for our favourite couple...

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