Angelina Jolie Weight Loss Down To Surviving On Berry Diet

Star is just seven stone...

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might make for a stunning view on the red carpet, but on her own Ange is looking a bit frail and it's no surprise as the star is only snacking on berries!

The Oscar-winning actress is looking thinner than ever despite rumours suggesting that she's expect the couple's seventh child, but according to a MailOnline source Ange has just been grazing on fruits to keep her going.

While on a recent shoot, fruits such as acai, goji, blueberries and chokeberries were requested specifically by the star and she shunned the full-on spread that was put on at lunch.

“She requested bowls of the berries, and that is all she ate during the day, even though  there was a full buffet lunch on offer,” the insider said.

At 5ft 8”, Ange is rumoured to be a scarily thin 7 stone, but she's losing weight because she's too preoccupied with her children that she forgets to eat herself.

“She said she was so busy with the kids that she forgets to eat, and that when she does sit down she prefers all her fruits and vegetables to be organic. She particularly likes exotic berries and was talking about how they were packed with nutrients,” the insider added.

Sounds as if Ange's bony shoulders were much discussed on her photoshoot, but the 36-year-old laughed off the comments.

“Angie looks painfully thin,” they said. “She laughs off suggestions that she is too thin or unhealthy in any way and puts  it down to her busy lifestyle. But she is looking unhealthy. Everyone was talking about how her shoulder bones were protruding.”

Angelina and Brad On The Red Carpet...

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