Angelina Jolie Feared Having Her Arms Hacked Off By Crazed Rebel Fighters

During visit to Sierra Leone

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Angelina Jolie Feared Having Her Arms Hacked Off By Crazed Rebel Fighters
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Angelina Jolie has recently said that she would kill to protect her family, but there have been times when she's not been so fearless as the star recalled a particularly scary moment in Sierra Leone, where she came face to face with "kids with guns" at a checkpoint.

The Oscar-winning actress is known for her humanitarian efforts, and the mother-of-six recalled an aid mission where she went to help resettle homeless women into a refugee camp when their vehicle was stopped by guntoting rebel fighters.

Jolie had heard many stories about how the rebel fighters had been chopping off their enemies limbs, and she felt she could be dragged from the truck.

Talking to OK! magazine, Angelina said: "When I was in Sierra Leone I had a very close call. It was around the time when everybody was cutting the arms off everybody and the war was still on and I was with another woman and we were taking hundreds of women to resettle them into a camp that was miles away."

She continued: "It was just men and this other woman and then we had to go across a checkpoint, which was a bunch of kids with guns. I ended up bizarrely sitting on the bread we had and my passport, not knowing, but just trying to protect the only thing I thought mattered. And realising this person is probably coked up with a gun, there's no reason he's not going to pull me out of this truck right now, and I was very scared."

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