Kirsten Dunst Thought Kissing Brad Pitt Was 'Disgusting'

She was crazy right?

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Kirsten Dunst was only a teen when she starred in 'Interview With The Vampire' with Brad Pitt, but according to her acting coach - the actress threw a tantrum because she had to kiss him.

Flo Salant Greenberg, who was Kirsten's acting coach has told Now magazine how the 11-year-old had complained about getting a kiss from the Hollywood hotty.

Flo said: "Kirsten said to me: 'I'm going to have to kiss Brad Pitt - isn't that disgusting?'" He also added: "I'd love to remind her of that now."

Kirsten's had it tough admittedly - starring opposite Brad and Tom, as well as Orlando Bloom in that awful rom-com. Actually, we're not feeling so sorry for her now! (Although, she did take one for the team with Tobey Maguire).

Brad Pitt? Disgusting? We think not.

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Brad Pitt was born William Bradley Pitt on December 18, 1963. (WENN)