Lindsay Lohan's Dad Applies for Burger King Job

Michael Lohan wants to flip burgers

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Lindsay Lohan's Dad Applies for Burger King Job
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It seems Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father has flipped out again following reports he applied for a job at a Burger King in Palm Beach, Florida.

Michael Lohan filed the job application after he was released from a rehabilitation facility where he was sentenced as part of a plea deal in his domestic violence case with ex-girlfriend Kate Major, sources told TMZ.

Lohan, 51, has been moved to a three-bedroom halfway house until his final release on March 16.

Counsellors at the treatment centre recommended Lohan apply for a real job to assimilate back into society as he nears his release.

However it was unclear whether he was hired for the job at $7.75 an hour.

Lohan was arrested late last year on domestic violence charges against Major. He allegedly “flipped out” at Major after she refused to perform oral sex on him, according to a police report at the time.

Lohan's relationship with his movie star daughter has been tense since she requested a restraining order against her old man. 

As her father has his fingers crossed for a job at the burger chain, the 'Mean Girls' star has appeared looking older than 25 on the red carpet of the amfAR AIDS Charity Gala this week in New York.

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