Angelina Jolie Denies 'Sneaky Drunken Scheme' At Awards Bash

To get Brad Pitt's attention

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Angelina Jolie Denies 'Sneaky Drunken Scheme' At Awards Bash

A spokesperson for Angelina Jolie has laughed off a report that the actress launched a "sneaky scheme" to get drunk and win Brad Pitt's attention at the SAG Awards.

In Touch had claimed that the star "made them both look fools" when she downed an endless supply of alcohol in a bid to make sure her A-list partner was by her side for the entire night.

The publication quotes a family friend as saying: "She was downing glass after glass of red wine. Brad even caught her sneaking sips from a bottle of Grey Goose vodka under the dinner table!"

An insider added that "she wants Brad’s attention focused only on her," so she hatched a "sneaky scheme" to get "so drunk that Brad had to babysit her."

However, a representative for the couple was contacted by Gossip Cop and laughed off the report, saying it had been grossly exaggerated.

Jolie was quoted earlier this week explaining her reasons for doing charity work, saying it helps her fight a shallow existance.

Angelina: Attention-seeker?

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