Angelina Jolie Keeps Secrets From Brad Pitt

Star won't let anyone see her writing

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Angelina Jolie Keeps Secrets From Brad Pitt
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Angelina Jolie is so secretive about her writing that she even hides it from lover Brad Pitt.

The 36 year-old actress, who completed her first directorial debut ‘In The Land Of Blood And Honey’ last year has already started working on her next screenplay but is too nervous to show anyone even Brad.

She told the Associated Press: "I did write something on Afghanistan"

“Nobody's seen it yet. Brad [Pitt] hasn't seen it. It's hidden." She added.

The subject is another controversial issue and deals with the war against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Her last movie dealt with a romance set against the Bosnian war during the early nineties.

But the ‘Tomb Raider’ actress isn’t bothered if the screenplay gets made into a film or not and admits writing is just an escape from the pressures of her busy life.

She added: "I don't know how very good it is, but it's been a pleasure to write."

It is probably a good idea for the actress to take some time out and relax. She recently admitted that she is so busy she sometimes forgets to eat.

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