Justin Bieber Gets 'Married' On Valentine's Day

Grants wish of girl who is suffering from cancer

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Love was definitely in the air for six year-old Avalanna Routh, who is fighting a rare cancer, yesterday after pop superstar Justin Bieber granted her wish by making her his 'wife'.

Having found out about Avalanna Routh's wish to meet him in person after her parents appealed to him via Facebook, Justin surprised Avalanna by flying her and her family from Boston to New York for a special Valentine's Day visit.

According to the Mail Online, Justin and Avalanna spent their day together signing autographs for each other, playing board games and eating cup cakes before deciding to tie the knot.

Somehow we don't think Selena Gomez minds...

Asked how long she had loved her soon-to-be 'husband', Avalanna replied: "Seven years. No - 80 years."

Taking to Twitter after meeting Avalanna, Justin, wrote: "That was one of the best things i have ever done. she was AWESOME! Feeling really inspired now!", he then added: "#MrsBieber really inspired me."

Posting a picture of himself with the new Mrs Bieber, Justin tweeted the caption: "Best part of my day".

Speaking about the day's events, Avalanna's mum told the Today show: "It was wonderful, just another fun moment."

Too cute!

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