Dancing On Ice Host Christine Bleakley Banned From The Ice!

Host has been forbidden by TV bosses

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Dancing On Ice Host Christine Bleakley Banned From The Ice!
Photo: Wenn / ITV

Despite hosting ITV’s hit ice skating show, Dancing On Ice and working in a studio with its very own ice rink every weekend, Christine Bleakley has reportedly been forbidden from lacing up her own skates and going for a little spin on the ice. 

Christine hosts Dancing On Ice alongside Phillip Schofield, but the brunette beauty has been banned from the ice by health and safety officials on the show, who fear that the former Daybreak presenter will do herself an injury.

Not only do DOI bosses want to avoid a large insurance claim, but they are also scared that an injury would throw the live show into disarray, and they have enough to worry about following the show hitting an all-new ratings low.

A source told The Mirror: She can wear skates but she’s not allowed to touch the ice during the shoot. Health and safety won’t allow it. And this isn’t negotiable.”

Christine surprised the crew and audience with her cheeky behaviour, defying orders and managing to sneak a few laps of the rink, however show bosses didn’t appreciate her rebellious behaviour and a member of the production team gave the host a stern telling off, saying:

“Christine, we’re not joking. You’re not skating.”

Perhaps the overcautious attitude of DOI bosses stems from Christine’s interview with New! magazine last November, when the host said:

“I’ve been ice-skating maybe four or five times and I can just about stand up! A couple of years ago I did an interview with Torvill and Dean which involved skating and I was absolutely hopeless. And there’s a fear factor – you can actually fall and crack your head open!”

We think Christine should stick to hosting and leave the skating up to the professionals (and celebrities!)

Dancing On Ice's Jennifer Ellison is the latest to be injured on the ice after cutting open her head:

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