Taylor Swift Defies Record Label With New Album

She can't stop tinkering with new release...

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Taylor Swift Defies Record Label With New Album
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Taylor Swift has said that she cannot stop messing with her new album, even though her record label say it is perfect already.

Grammy Award winner Swift, who picked up two trophies this past weekend, is working on the follow up to her 2010 album 'Speak Now' and is in the studio tinkering at the moment. However, it seems she can't stop - as she explained to MTV News.

"So far, I've been writing so much in the last year and the label keeps telling me, 'All right, we're finished; all right, we're satisfied; OK, this is done now.' And then I just keep writing and I keep turning it in in different versions," she said.

Adding: "I'm going to work on it until I literally have zero time left to work on it, because I'm having so much fun working on this album."

Speaking about the slightly different process of making this new album, Swift explained:

"I made my last album, Speak Now, with this idea I really wanted to make an album without writing with anyone else just because I always wanted to do that. And now I have a different approach to this record. I'm getting to work with people that I've always wanted to work with." That means that she's seeking out some assistance "from all different places in music."

"I'm trying to be as much of a sponge as possible," she added. "You have to evolve and try new things and change and that's what I've loved to do with this album."

Taylor Swift's new album is due for release later in 2012.

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