Charlie Sheen Offers Demi Moore A Role In 'Anger Management'

He thinks they're kindred spirits...

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Charlie Sheen Offers Demi Moore A Role In 'Anger Management'
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Charlie Sheen has reportedly offered Demi Moore a role in his new sitcom 'Anger Management'.

The actor who had a very famous breakdown last year with his 'Winning' spiel, getting the boot from Two And A Half Men and swigging Tiger Blood, and now he's offering Demi Moore help!

Demi was rushed to hospital last month after suffering from seizures when she inhaled too much nitrous oxide aka laughing gas, and now she's being treated for exhaustion and stress in a rehab clinic.

But not to worry Demi, Charlie Sheen is coming to your rescue.

A source has told Now magazine: "He asked her before her collapse on 23 January. Now he's even keener as he sees them as kindred spirits against the world."

Charlie is looking set to use anything to promote his new series, he was even caught slagging off Two And A Half Men earlier this week, claiming that it "sucks".

Demi and Charlie? Can you imagine?

Demi Moore & Rumer on the red carpet...

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