Ashton Kutcher Takes His New Woman To Oscars Party

Star partied with Lorene Scafaria...

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While his estranged wife Demi Moore is recovering in rehab, Ashton Kutcher has continued partying and this time the actor was spotted with his new woman at an Oscars afterparty.

The Two And A Half Men actor took his new girl Lorene Scafaria to Madonna and Guy Oseary's bash that followed the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

Ashton, 34, has remained unusually quiet about his night out with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry, but he did tweet: "I may have been an ant in a past life. I can sense my enemies."

The actor then linked to a BBC report about insects and memory - perhaps he came across those who stay firmly on 'Team Demi' that night?

Some reports have suggested that screenwriter Lorene Scafaria bares some resemblance to Demi Moore, who was rushed to hospital earlier this year after struggling to deal with the stress that has come since her split from Ashton.

After six years together, the pair decided to break up, following allegations that Ashton had strayed with 22-year-old Sara Leal.

Ashton's tweets a pic from Christmas

It's not the first time that Ashton has been spotted with Lorene, as the pair spent Christmas in Italy together, and they also attended the X Prize charity bash together the night before the Oscars.

Ashton's spokesperson has said that the pair are just friends.

Ashton on his European holiday

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