Sandra Bullock's Son Louis Suffers 'Scary' Illness

Star thought he was going to have a seizure...

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When you're a mum, especially a single mum it must be so scary when you're child gets sick and Sandra Bullock recently revealed that she was so panicked by two-year-old Louis' illness she nearly rushed him to hospital.

The Oscar-winning actress, who attended the Academy Awards this weekend, revealed that last week her adopted son Louis had fallen ill with an extremely high fever that she feared would lead to a seizure.

While talking to a friend at a bar, Sandra was overheard by a Us Weekly source as saying: "The scariest thing happened the other day. Louis had this really high fever."

The 'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close' actress, who wore Marchesa to the Oscars, continued: "I kept trying to break it with Tylenol, but it wouldn't work! I was freaking out that he might have a seizure...I was about to jump in the car [to take him to the ER] when his fever finally broke."

She also added: "He's fine now, but it was so scary."

The actress recently declared that she wouldn't work unless it was suitable for her little boy.

Sandra takes Louis to school...

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