Minnie Driver Admits She 'Regrets Not Staying Friends With Matt Damon'

Couple had bad break up

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Minnie Driver Admits She 'Regrets Not Staying Friends With Matt Damon'
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Minnie Driver has admitted that her break up with Matt Damon was so bad that the two never speak and are definitely “not friends”.

The British actress, who co-starred in the ‘Bourne’ star’s breakout movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ with confessed that getting together on the film had been a “beautiful experience.”

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She told The Telegraph: “When the film came out in January 1998, it was a huge success.” “Suddenly the interest in Matt and me as a couple went bonkers. But then we split up very publicly that April, which was grim, and it turned from this beautiful thing into something so dark.”

The brunette, who was 26 at the time admitted that she regretted not staying close after the break-up.

She revealed: “I'm always really sad that we didn't stay friends because it was absolutely incandescent making that film. It was a beautiful experience and I'm so proud of that time.”

Like many on-screen couples the action carried on after the cameras stopped and Minnie confessed it is an “occupational hazard” of being in the movie.

The 42 year-old said: “, I was completely in love with Matt.”

“I was blown away by his commitment to me as an actor, he was cute and intelligent and altogether a really charming package. I was young and I fell for him – it's an occupational hazard.”

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