Ke$ha Says She Looks Like A 'Homeless Clown' As She Shows Off New Hairstyle

Radical new image...

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Ke$ha has shown off her radical new hairstyle, which involves gold studs being stuck to her head.

The look, which we can't see taking off to be honest, replaces the shaven sides that Ke$ha previously had. The 'Tik Tok' star took to Twitter to share her new image with fans, saying: "Is happening"

Earlier in the week Ke$ha hinted that she wasn't happy with her then hairstyle, saying: "I look like a homeless clown right now."


Meanwhile, Ke$ha has passed three million followers on Twitter this week, something she is very happy about.

"Dude. Animals. I might hit #3MILLIONANIMALS on my birthday tomorrow!!!!!" she posted yesterday (Feb 29), adding: "So close to #3MILLIONANIMALS !!!! I'm so excited!!!! Thank u animals it means so much!!"

What do you make of Ke$ha's new look? Can you see yourself replacing hair with metal studs anytime soon? it would certainly save time in the mornings!

Ke$ha's wild style