Whitney Houston's Secret Love Affair With Jermaine Jackson

The late singer apparently tempted Michael Jackson's brother to stray...

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Whitney Houston's Secret Love Affair With Jermaine Jackson
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It seems that Whitney Houston is still making headlines, as the late singer has now been reported to have had a secret affair with Jermaine Jackson.

The 'I Have Nothing' star may have passed away last month, but that doesn't mean she's lost the ability to surprise us. The Sun has now revealed that the late singer was embroiled in a secret love affair with Jermaine, the brother of the late Michael Jackson.

The pair began their romance in 1984 and ended just a year later, after Jermaine refused to leave his then-wife Hazel Gordy.

However the bond between them was still clear for all to see, with the pair remaining close friends all of their lives; Whitney was the one person Jermaine felt he could turn to after the tragic death of Michael Jackson in 2009.

A source came forward to The Sn to explain just how devastated Jermaine was when he received news of Whitney's death:

"Her death has devastated Jermaine because of the history between them...No-one understood the scale of his grief because they didn't know what they shared."

Despite the relationship remaining a secret, Jermaine has hinted at the affair in his memoir 'You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through A Brother's Eyes', painting a picture of a passionate and, ultimately, tragic love affair:

"We had to go our separate ways and it killed us both."

The affair was apparently the inspiration behind the video for Whitney's love song, 'I'm Saving All my Love For You'


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