Was Vivienne Jolie Pitt Wearing Lipstick?

Clearly tot has inherited famous pout

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Was Vivienne Jolie Pitt Wearing Lipstick?
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As the daughter of Angelina Jolie you would expect Vivienne Jolie Pitt to have quite a pout on her.

But even we were surprised when we saw just how much she looked like her famous mum, as the youngster emerged from a day shopping with bright red lips.

Speculation has been rife over whether the three year-old was in fact wearing lipstick. Clearly the family had been enjoying a girlie day as Vivienne, who was joined by older sister Shiloh but it was unclear whether this meant the little girl was allowed to try lipstick for the occasion.

Naturally Red Lips?

According to E! News, the red colouring of her lips was not makeup but merely due to “dye infused sweets” that she had been eating.

The Jolie-Pitt girls had stocked up on sweets before heading to the cinema to see Disney's 'The Secret World of Arriety' which would explain the red pout.

As a fan of the red lip look, we wouldn’t be surprised if Angelina did give her daughter some make up advice, but maybe not just yet.

The 36 year-old star revealed that she tries to keep her children as sheltered from the glare of Hollywood as possible and claimed they did not even know daddy, Brad Pitt was nominated for an Academy Award this year.

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