Daniel Radcliffe: 'Celebrities Aren't Special'

Harry Potter star doesn't think much of fame

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Daniel Radcliffe: 'Celebrities Aren't Special'
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Daniel Radcliffe claims the key to staying grounded as a star is never to think that you are special.

The Harry Potter became an overnight superstar when he was thrust to fame at the age of 11 in the wizarding saga.

The 22 year-old insists that once you start thinking you are a star you will crave the admiration too much and for him.

He told French magazine Be: “The idea is to never believe that you are special just because you are famous... Otherwise, the day when celebrity vanishes, it's the best way to end up in a reality TV show!"

Despite his global stardom as the boy wizard Harry Potter, the ‘Woman In Black’ star claimed that fame has not affected his life that much.

"I think it's less violent for an actor than for an actress, as paparazzi are much more threatening [with them],” he explained when asked about his extreme celebrity status.

The 'Potter' star even believes his well-documented problems with alcohol are down to his “addictive personality” rather than the pressures of being so well know. “I have unfortunately got an addictive personality, and alcohol is the most acceptable addiction for most people.”

"I think it would have happened with or without the excitement.” He added.

Daniel recently revealed that he suffers from OCD and has done from a young age.

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