'The Hunger Games' Star Josh Hutcherson Vows Revenge On Jennifer Lawrence Following Prank

Actor says she 'has it coming'...

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Josh Hutcherson has revealed he is working on a retaliation prank his ‘The Hunger Games’ co-star Jennifer Lawrence after he got a leech stuck to his hand in a dare gone wrong.

The 19 year-old was dared by his gorgeous co-star to catch a leech while playing around during a break from filming, but unfortunately got the little sucker stuck to his hand.

Although he admitted it was an accident, Josh told Entertainmentwise at the European premiere of ‘The Hunger Games’ that the actress definitely had some revenge “coming”.

When asked if he had planned his pay-back the star said: “No I have not. But I should get started on that."

“I mean it was definitely an accident,” he added, “but she definitely has it coming.”

Jennifer explained that the hilarious incident stemmed from when the pair went to catch crayfish with their Australian co-star Liam Hemsworth who had never seen one before.

She told People Magazine: "One day we went down to a creek to catch a crawdad, 'cause Liam didn't know what it was."

"I saw one and was like, 'Catch it!' Josh did and it got stuck to his hand. It was a leech!" she laughed.

The highly anticipated sci-fi epic based on Suzanne Collins’ novel is a dark thriller set in a future apocalyptic world.

But despite the heavy content, Josh’s co-star Elizabeth Banks insisted that it was a fun movie to make.

She told Entertainmentwise: “Everybody took their work seriously but no-one took themselves seriously it made for a very playful set.”

The cast of the trilogy are set to become the hottest names in Hollywood thanks to the blockbuster.

But despite her success, lead actress Jennifer who portrays Katniss Everdeen, told Entertainmentwise that she has never been that lucky.

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