Britain's Got Talent's Jonathan And Charlotte Go Global

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Opera misfits Charlotte Jaconelli and Jonathan Antoine were the shock of Britain’s Got Talent 2012 so far when they stunned the judges, including a sceptical Simon Cowell, with a moving and accomplished performance.

It now seems that the teenagers – who showed musical ability that hid their tender years- are taking over Youtube, with over one million hits on the official version of their audition video already, and other unofficial versions taking the figure much higher.

No Wonder They're All Smiles, Charlotte And Jonathan are a Youtube Hit

Inevitably the duo were compared to 2009 runner-up Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who proved that one shouldn't judge a singer on appearances. The duo appear to welcome comparisons, as Jonathan said: “It’s great to be compared to her [Susan Boyle], although we want to be seen as individual in our own way”, during a recent interview.

Simon Cowell has announced that global appeal will be a key attribute he looks for in a BGT winner this year, and it seems Jonathan and Charlotte are well on their way to proving their potential, with their video having over 250,000 views outside the UK.

According to STV the pair said that they would resist any attempts to change their unusual image however with Charlotte saying: “I wouldn’t want to change my image. People should be able to accept you for what you are.”

17-year-old Jonathan added: “I know I don’t look like a standard performer. I just went out there in my normal clothes, so I expected there would be a little bit of a reaction.”

Yet with the show still in its early stages fans will have to tune in to ITV on Saturday to suss out just how good their competition is.

Watch their incredible audition here:

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