Prince Harry Moves In With Prince William And Kate Middleton

Three's a crowd Harry?!

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Prince Harry Moves In With Prince William And Kate Middleton
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Prince Harry has finally moved out of his dad’s house – Prince Charles- but hasn’t gone far as he has taken up residence with Prince William and Kate Middleton at Kensington Palace.

The party-loving Prince has clearly never heard of three’s a crowd as he crashes the newlyweds marital bliss with his bachelor antics. Royal wild child Harry, who is rumoured to be back with ex-lover Chelsy Davy is looking forward to letting off some steam in his new place away from the eyes of his father.

A source told The Daily Mail: “He has been really looking forward to getting his own place after living with his father for so long. Understandably he wants to spread his wings.”

But far from being annoyed that his little brother will cramp his style, William is pleased that his brother will be so close.

“Some people might find it strange that he is moving in next door to his brother and sister in law,” the source said, “but the three of them get on brilliantly and love spending time together. Prince Harry adores his brother and says Catherine is the sister he never had.”

Don’t expect Harry to get too lonely without a girlfriend as Prince William, who chose the 27 year-old as his best man for his wedding to Kate last year, has vowed to work closely with his brother throughout their royal lives.

The source revealed: “Prince Harry and Prince William are a double act for the rest of their lives. They are very loyal and trust each other. Loyalty is key. Harry is very respectful towards William.”

A St James’s Palace spokesman confirmed the move earlier this week: “Prince Harry moved into accommodation at Kensington Palace when he returned from the overseas tour. This will now act his official London Residence.”

When is the house warming party Harry?

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