Tim Tebow: I'm Not Dating Taylor Swift Or Dianna Agron

As Glee star says she's not in the love triangle...

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Tim Tebow: I'm Not Dating Taylor Swift Or Dianna Agron
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Tim Tebow is not dating Taylor Swift or her buddy Dianna Agron, he has confirmed.

The New York Jets player has insisted that he's still single, despite having been linked to everyone from Katy Perry, Taylor Swift to the Glee actress.

The admission comes as Dianna appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', where she revealed that she actually has a boyfriend and has probably only spoken to the NFL star for all of 10 minutes.

In a chat with People magazine, he said: "I'm still single."

But it doesn't look as if there's any romance in the air for Tebow any time soon, as he reveals that his heavy schedules prevents him from finding love.

"I've got a lot going on these days. I'm busy," he said.

Tebow also admitted that he wouldn't mind meeting any of the ladies that he's been linked to in the media, as he joked: "I'm sure they would be lovely!"

Meanwhile talking to Jimmy Kimmel, Dianna Agron slammed the Tebow love triangle rumours as "crazy", and said that it was only because the two were actually signed to the same agency.

“I had a lovely 10-minute chat with him,” before adding, ”I’ve got a boyfriend. I haven’t seen him [Tebow] since.”

The host then joked about Dianna and Taylor hooking up, as she was rumoured to be a part of the triangle. ”Are you dating her? That would be great.”

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