WATCH: My Big Fat American Gypsy Catfight!

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WATCH: My Big Fat American Gypsy Catfight!
Photo: TLC / TMZ

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings has proved so popular that it has spawned a US version, which is just as jaw-dropping as the UK version if this shocking footage of a vicious boob-flashing catfight is anything to go by!

The incredible video, originally posted by TMZ, is from the first series of the US show, and features maid of honour Diamond grappling with dark-haired Mellie from the groom’s side in the street following the wedding of their friends in West Virginia.

In what looks like the wildest public catfight caught on film, Diamond sends Mellie flying to the floor, and the two start pulling each other’s hair, biting, scratching and slapping whilst the rest of the wedding party look on in horror.

As the pair roll around on the pavement outside the wedding venue, Mellie's skirt rides up revealing her rear and Diamond's dress slips down exposing her boobs, but neither lady wants to back down.

Sources close to the bride and groom told TMZ that neither side of the family approved of the union, but after the ceremony Mellie began voicing her opinions about how the bride and groom don't belong together, angering maid of honour Diamond who thought she should keep her thoughts to herself.

Check out the shocking video below:

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