Christina Aguilera's Weird Diva Demands On 'The Voice' Revealed

Star likes to have foot massages

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Christina Aguilera's Weird Diva Demands On 'The Voice' Revealed
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Christina Aguilera has reportedly ruffled a few feathers on the set on The Voice with her diva demands.

According to Star magazine, the star, who channelled Britney Spears during a performance last week, has a guy on hand to give her a foot massage every 30 minutes.

A source said: "She has a guy on staff whose job it is to massage her feet at 30-minute intervals."

The source also revealed that Christina keeps everyone on the set of the show waiting for up to two hours as she is "blatantly ignoring call times."

The star came under fire recently when she appeared to snub Justin Bieber when he tried to hug her. Following the outcry, Christina took to Twitter to dismiss the claims that she snubbed the teen superstar, saying:

"Haha! The media loves spinning stories… Can't a girl have a little #BieberFever after getting kissed by the Biebs?"

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