Plan B Can't Handle Having A Girlfriend

Says he'e too busy with his career

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Plan B Can't Handle Having A Girlfriend
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Plan B has said that he's refusing to settle down with a girl.

The iLL Manors star says that he can't handle having a girlfriend constantly be in contact with him!

Speaking to The Sun, he said that he just doesn't want to deal with a needy partner. “With girls texting me, ‘Where are you? I miss you’ what am I supposed to do in the middle of writing a bloody song? ‘I miss you too?’

''Do you want to meet up later?’ ‘Well, I’m not sure’. ****ing phone beeps off.''

The rapper, real name Ben Drew, said that ultimately music comes before any potential partner.

“I’m married to my career. If I had a girlfriend I’d be cheating on my wife,” he explained.

Plan B's certainly got a lot on his plate at the moment – he recently announced he'll be playing Ibiza amd Mallorca Rocks this summer, and he's also make big strides in his film career.

His directorial debut iLL Manors comes out in June, and he also stars alongside Ray Winstone in The Sweeney later this year.

Photos: Plan B live at the Manchester Academy

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