LISTEN: Conor Maynard Releases New Album Track 'Drowning'

Free download for fans, when they pre-order his debut album...

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LISTEN: Conor Maynard Releases New Album Track 'Drowning'
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Newcomer Conor Maynard has released a new track from his upcoming album 'Contrast'. The song, titled 'Drowning' has been debuted online for fans to download for free, when they pre-order Conor's LP 'Contrast' on iTunes.

The singer released 'Can't Say No' earlier this year and when it peaked at a respectable number 2 in the official charts - people immediately started comparing the pop cutie to Mr. Justin Bieber himself!

Conor spoke to Digital Spy about his forthcoming album:

"There's a song called 'Mary' that I'm really fond of. I wonder how people will see that one. 'Drowning' was produced by Crada, who produced 'Fireworks' by Drake and Alicia Keys."

The album is set to feature a number of collaborations and is released on May 28. The artists are yet to be announced...however, Maynard fans don't fret! You only have a few more weeks to wait.

The star's already attracted a fair few celeb fans as well - with pals Lily Allen, Miquita Oliver and Nick Grimshaw all attending his recent Camden gig.

Definitely one to watch, it seems...

Check out the free download 'Drowning' below.

Conor impresses fans at secret gig...