Steve Jones 'Formerly Apologises' To Megan Fox Over Baby Attack

He was cut short...

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Steve Jones 'Formerly Apologises' To Megan Fox Over Baby Attack
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Megan Fox has yet to comment about whether she is pregnant with her first baby, and yesterday former X Factor USA host Steve Jones was cut short during his interview with the actress after he asked her about those pregnancy rumours.

The Welsh TV presenter was interviewing the 'Transformers' actress for the Entertainment Show, as Megan has just become the new face of the gadgets shop The Sharper Image but she was far from impressed when Jones asked her about her baby plans.

Steve led the line of questioning by asking Megan about her favourite toy, before adding: "Do you know the ultimate gadget that every man wants? A baby."

Megan was left stumped, as he'd breached guidelines for even bringing up the word baby, and she replied: "A baby?", before adding: "Oh, I know where you're going with this..."

Jones wasn't going to give up easily, as he continued: "Any plans to give anybody a baby?"

Megan wasn't having any of it, and she continued over him: "You hear the grumbles... No, no." "Either way, Megan, it was a pleasure talking to you," he said as he ended their quick chat.

Speaking of the interview on Entertainment Tonight, he said: "I'd like to formerly apologise to Ms. Fox for attacking her with the word baby. Thankfully, there was a publicist there to stop me."

A publicist can then be heard asking Steve to wrap up the interview quickly, cutting short their time.

Steve tweeted ahead of the show's airtime yesterday: "Watch me attack Megan Fox this eve on Entertainment Tonight with a question about babies....suck it 60minutes!"

It's thought that Megan expecting her first baby with husband Brian Austin Green although she's not formerly released a statement.

Megan, looking far from her sexy self...

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