WATCH: BGT's Sam Kelly Auditioned For 'Brutally Honest' Opinion On His Vocals

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Last night saw Sam Kelly become the seventh person to gain a place in the Britain's Got Talent final after he impressed the judges and the audience with his performance.

Speaking to us the morning after, the soulful singer revealed that the reason why he auditioned for the show was because he wanted to get a "brutally honest" opinion from the judges on his vocals.

Asked what he thought of the judges comments, in particular Simon's, Sam said:

"As a young musician, you can't really hope for anything better than to have Simon Cowell saying that because you see it on TV all the time. If he doesn't like someone, he would just tell them and that's why I auditioned for the show, to get a brutally honest opinion on my vocals because I've got a thick skin."

The young hopeful also revealed to us why he chose to audition for BGT instead of the X Factor. Wanting to have the freedom when it came to music choices, Sam said:

"I get nervous performing without an instrument. I've never done a gig without a guitar or piano and I just think I would make a complete fool of myself. I also have a particular singing style and I like to do my own thing and my own arrangements. So I wanted to do a competition where I would be allowed to do my own thing and I've been allowed to do that.

"That's why I chose Britain's Got Talent. I'm not sure I would have got through on any other competitions."

Check out what else Sam had to say in our interview with him above!

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