Britain's Got Talent: Only Boys Aloud To Perform At The Olympics?

They already have Kate Middleton's seal of approval...

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They may have come third in Britain's Got Talent, but choral stars Only Boys Aloud are already a huge success.

And Amanda Holden, a big fan of the Welsh singers, wants them to be involved in the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics.

Now that would be a great runners-up prize!

Amanda Holden wore her heart on her sleeve, telling the boys that she loved them:

"I’ve always loved you... I would be proud for you to represent the UK across the world."

And it seems as if her words could have had a domino effect across the nation, with parents of the 48 Gwent youngsters involved in the 133-strong choir echoing the call and an internet campaign beginning on Facebook.

We already know the boys have got quite a celebrity fanbase behind them; from Amanda Holden to Kate Middleton, it seems that the sweet-voiced Welshmen can stir feelings in all they sing before.

Even Simon Cowell was provoked into an emotional response after the boys sang the last note of Welsh hymn Calon Lan:

"I got emotional listening to a song that I didn't understand a word of."

The Facebook and Twitter campaigns to get the boys involved in the Olympics is picking up speed, although we can't imagine there's enough time left for organisers to draft a 133-strong choir into proceedings...

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