Chace Crawford Wants Gossip Girl To End 'Like Die Hard'

Explosive finale gets his approval

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Chace Crawford Wants Gossip Girl To End 'Like Die Hard'

Chace Crawford has said he wants Gossip Girl to end on an explosive note later this year.

The teen drama, which made stars of him and co-stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, will air its 10-episode-long final season in the Autumn.

Telling E! about wanting to go out with a bang, he said: "Like the end of Die Hard, just walking away from an exploding helicopter."

Asked about the prospect of a movie spin-off, he responded: "It's funny because I just got that question recently.

"It had never even crossed my mind so it was like, that's weird. I don't know if I want that, or do not want that. I don't know what the logistics would be on that. I would imagine it's a long shot. Who knows?"

The 26-year-old stars in new comedy What To Expect When You're Expecting, starring Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and a cameo from Cheryl Cole. It's out in the UK on May 25.

Say goodbye to Chuck and Nate's bromance...

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