Justin Bieber Admits He Isn't A Virgin?

Has star been getting jiggy with Selena Gomez?

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Justin Bieber Admits He Isn't A Virgin?
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We would be shock if he was but it seems Justin Bieber has finally indicated that he and Selena Gomez have gone 'all the way' after becoming embarrassed over the subject of his virginity.

The 18 year-old teen idol started blushing during a recent interview with The Sunday Times in London during his recent trip and was lost for words when asked if he was a virign.

According to the paper the ‘Boyfriend’ singer looked “embarrassed” and replied: “Ah-hah, next question.”

We can’t help but think that if Justin was still a virgin he would have easily answered yes, but the Canadian cutie obviously couldn’t lie to the reporter who decided not to say anything.

With a smoking hot girlfriend like Selena Gomez we are not surprised that the two have got close especially after a rollercoaster year and a half together.

Their relationship was rocked by an accusation from fan Mariah Yeater last September who claimed to have fathered Justin’s baby after enjoying a tryst with the pop star after a concert.

Recently the ‘Baby’ singer revealed that Selena didn’t doubt for a second that he was telling the truth his but did have to ask initially if it was true. Surely another sign that Justin has officially become a man!

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