Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Comes Out As Gay

Actor Jim Parsons sexuality and relationship revealed

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Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Comes Out As Gay
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The Big Bang Theory boys are not known for their success with the ladies, but in actor Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) case there may be a very good reason for that other than his geeky ways.

This is because the actor has come out as gay and in a 10-year relationship in a profile in the New York Times. The actor has in the past been coy about his private life, desiring to keep his personal relationships away from the glare of the media.

However in typical understated fashion, news of Parsons' sexuality was revealed in the article, which mainly discussed his appearing as a gay man in a Broadway play.

The identity of Parsons' partner is believed to be Todd Spiewak, with whom he is often photographed and is known to be close to. 'The Muppets' star has also thanked Spiewak on occasions when he has won awards.

Parsons' long time desire for privacy has sparked a debate within the gay community as to whether gay stars have a responsibility to declare their sexuality or maintain a strict divide between public and private.

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The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) has come out as gay in a New York Times article.